Back to Health Basics

When it comes to health, many people in our culture want a quick fix, a magic pill or a new fad diet to fix all of their problems. We want to be told by our trusted health practitioner that a new prescription, an herbal supplement or vitamin or mineral will do the trick. It is estimated that Americans spent $374 billion last year on prescription medications and $21 billion on supplements. Most of the time, health is really simple. We can create huge change in the way we feel simply by assessing some basic but essential aspects of our lives. 

When I find myself not feeling well, whether my energy is low, my mood is bad, or maybe my stomach is not feeling great, I always start with the basics. I ask myself: 

  • How am I eating lately? Have I had enough water today?
  • How much sleep am I getting? Am I getting to bed early enough?
  • How has my exercise routine been? Do I need to change what I'm doing? Has it been too long since my last workout?
  • Have I been outside lately? When was my last hike or backpacking trip?
  • When was my last acupuncture session? The last time I had a massage?

So, take a moment and assess how you've been feeling lately. What can you do TODAY to take better care of yourself? Maybe it's a simple walk by the river this afternoon or attending a yoga class tonight. Maybe you'll make yourself a dinner with fresh vegetables tonight and get to bed an hour early. Sometimes, it really doesn't take much. 

Treat your body kindly - it's the only one you'll get!