My step father was someone I admired deeply. He was intelligent, a great story teller, a dedicated meditator, and made whoever he spoke to feel like they were the only person in the room. He taught me how to dream big and create a vision for my ideal future. He taught me about health, about caring for patients, and about how to run a successful business. He was my first exposure to meditation, to spiritual growth, to the manifestation of an ideal life.

This past November he passed from pancreatic cancer. Since his passing, my sisters and I have been going through his things. We continue to find little quotes and words of wisdom he had found and written down in places all over his home in journals, note pads and on post-its.

One note said something along the lines of “You must recreate your future every single morning.”

Can you imagine if your daily habits each morning were intentionally directed towards the future life you want to create?

What habits would you incorporate? What habits would you eliminate?

Ask yourself what will happen in ten years if I continue this habit routinely?

From the soda you may drink and not think twice about, to the decision to go to bed past midnight, to saying yes to something you totally hate doing. From writing down your goals on a weekly basis, to planning meals ahead, to taking an extra ten minutes in the morning to get quiet and meditate, or 60 seconds to visualize a goal.

It’s in these moments that we have the choice to live an intentional life. Stone by stone, a castle.