Welcome to our homepage! Better Balance Acupuncture + Wellness provides Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage therapy, and other forms of natural therapies in Midtown Sacramento and Fair Oaks!

We specialize in conditions such as infertility in both women and men, women’s health issues of all kinds, chronic and acute pain, autoimmune conditions, digestive imbalances, anxiety, depression and many general health conditions.

Better Balance Acupuncture + Wellness takes a comprehensive approach to your wellbeing. We take into account all of the factors that brought your body to some state of imbalance and work to address issues at a root level rather than treating with a bandaid approach; supporting the body to heal itself.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has developed over a period of at least 3,000 years.  It is a holistic medicine which takes into account all of the systems of the body and how they interact with one another as well as external environmental factors. Ideally, the systems and organs function together to maintain homeostasis (a healthy balance) in the body. This interconnectedness is why a TCM practitioner can almost never treat one part, or system, without affecting the whole. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners see disease as a result of the disruption of the harmonious balance of these systems.

TCM practitioners utilize a combination of therapies including acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, gua sha, massage, diet modifications and exercises. Treatments are individualized for the patient depending on their unique manifestation of a disease. 




Kirsten Spainhower, L.Ac.

Founder of Better Balance Acupuncture + Wellness L.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist in the states of California & Oregon) 
MSTOM (MS of Traditional Oriental Medicine, South Baylo University, CA) 
NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)  Balance Method practitioner

From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in health that was both rewarding to myself and provided value to those that I served. I have many childhood memories of my father sharing stories of the patients he helped in his chiropractic practice as we sat around the dinner table. The joy he received from helping his patients was truly contagious! I began working in my father's chiropractic office as a teenager and was even more inspired by the change I witnessed in his patients on a daily basis. Observing my father in his practice taught me the importance of helping people get well with a natural and holistic approach.

At age 16 I had my first glimpse into the world of Chinese Medicine and suddenly everything seemed to fall into place. I knew that a career in Chinese Medicine was the perfect opportunity for me to provide something great to those who really needed it. 

I decided to follow my dreams and completed my Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southern California's South Baylo University. I was very fortunate to study under world-renowned Acupuncturists and Medical doctors. What I found in my studies was truly life changing. Through extensive clinical training, I was taught to spend the time necessary with patients to really understand their condition and set of issues, and learned how to use ancient but effective techniques to ease pain, manage and sometimes even eliminate emotional issues, and treat many internal disorders. I have found that patients respond extremely well to this kind of clinical setting; especially those who have tried many other treatment methods but have not had successful outcomes.

I am committed to educating and empowering my patients on how to take control of their health and live a more balanced lifestyle in this busy western world we live in. I truly have a love and passion for this medicine and hope to share it with anyone who crosses my path!


Karen 1 edit.jpg

Karen Wright, L.Ac.

L.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist, California) 
MSTOM (MS of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Yosan University, CA) 

Karen fell in love with Chinese Medicine while working as a veterinary technician back in 2001. This particular vet was quite ahead of her time, utilizing acupuncture and herbal medicine in her practice. Karen watched a Great Dane be carried in on a stretcher due to arthritis. After his acupuncture treatment, he walked himself right out of the clinic.

She was pre-vet at the time, but was so impressed by the work the vet was doing she immediately changed plans and enrolled in Chinese Medicine school at Yo San University in Marina Del Rey, CA. She completed the 4-year Masters degree program in 2008 and became California State Board licensed in 2009.

Karen has worked in the field of medicine, human and animal, Western and Eastern, since she was 14. The act of healing holds never-ending fascination for her. Karen herself has healed from several critical auto-immune conditions through the natural methods of Chinese Medicine and nutrition. It is truly her hearts joy to help ease the suffering of her patients and provide functional advice and education so as to empower her patients outside of the clinic. 

Although Karen considers herself first and foremost a General Practitioner, her areas of special interest include Autoimmune Disorders, Chronic Pain, Women's Health, and Nutritional guidance and counseling.

When she is not doing the work she loves, you will most likely find her pursuing her other passion, riding and spending time with her beautiful horses!



Dr. Caroline Floyd

L.Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California) NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) MSTOM (Masters in Traditional and Oriental Medicine) DACM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine) Facial rejuvenation Training with Dr. Yuan Wang

Dr. Caroline Floyd graduated from Guilford College in North Carolina with a BA in East Asian Studies and a concentration in Mandarin. She lived in China for 3 years teaching, traveling, and studying Chinese Medicine. After returning from China, Caroline enrolled at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego where she graduated magna cum laude with a Masters in Traditional Chinese and Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) and a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM).

Caroline completed her doctoral externships at Rady’s Children’s Hospital in the pediatric oncology unit, UCSD Integrative Oncology Center, and City Heights Family Practice. Throughout these externships, her passion turned towards women’s health, an often neglected field in the current medical system.

Dr. Floyd’s focus is on women’s reproductive and menstrual health; she uses acupuncture, herbs, and recommends lifestyle changes to help regulate a woman's menses, a vital symbol of hormone health and overall wellness. She has helped hundreds of families through their fertility journey, both with natural and assisted reproductive methods, such as IUI and IVF. She is a firm advocate for an integrated medical future and works with numerous fertility centers in the area, helping support her patients emotionally and physically throughout what can be a demanding fertility journey. 

In addition to women’s reproductive health, Dr. Floyd also focuses on mental/emotional health, and pain management. She believes the key to physical health is through a strong emotional foundation. She approaches patient care with love, humor, and kindness. When she is not working she is outdoors hiking, camping, and exercising. She is a true believer that physical health and maintenance contributes directly to each person’s mental and spiritual health. She incorporates fitness, dietary, and spiritual health regimens into her treatments whenever necessary, providing patients the opportunity for a true lifestyle change.



Erika Hopper, CMT

Certified Massage Therapist

Erika Hopper has been practicing massage therapy for 14 years and recently left her successful full time practice in the greater Fresno area, to relocate up to Sacramento. She uses a variety of modalities including deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial, craniosacral, and Reiki to bring a uniquely customized treatment each session.


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